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Leo Aquilla makes make up and hides bruises after surgery

by ace
Leo Áquilla

Leo Áquilla (FOTO: Playback / Instagram)

Leo Aquila is giving you something to talk about! The journalist recently did a procedure and shocked her fans by appearing with a face full of bruises. On Saturday afternoon (29), the muse posted a makeup photo, disguising the bruises of the surgery.

“Look at that… a make help, right? Kkķkkk, or low there are still bruises from the surgery. Today completing 12 days. I did this make in 1 minute and using only 5 products. Look at the video channel and come see me, ”wrote the blonde in the posted photo.

Remember that recently the ex peoa made a statement about her husband, Chico, which generated controversy. The cat stated that her mate only likes women, and that everything is point of view.

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"The LGBT community is very hypocritical," says Leo Áquilla

“Everything is as we see it! When Chico first saw me, he looked at a beautiful woman he fell in love with. If he were a homosexual he would find me a diva, less wonderful, and the woman of his life. Gays do not like women. That is a rule, ”said Leo.

“If he looked at me and wasn't attracted to how he felt, he could be homosexual. The man to like a trans woman, he is seeing a woman, so he has to like a woman ”, concluded the muse.


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