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Lesbian couple sues school for forcing son to hear homophobic sermon

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Lesbian couple sues school for forcing son to hear homophobic sermon

Boys playing basketball – Photo: Pink news by Envato

A lesbian couple filed federal court in the Eastern District of Tennessee against gym teacher Chuck Comer of West Valley Middle School in the United States. The mothers say that the institution used the basketball team to promote the “Adolescentes por Cristo” program.

According to the website Pink News, after the boy's admission, the team was informed that to join the team he would have to be twice a week at meetings of the Christian organization. The group's schedule started before school and consisted of the gym teacher reading and interpreting the Bible for about 30 minutes in the classroom.

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"If the
students refused to participate in the ‘Adolescents for Christ’ program, it would be
they were denied the opportunity to participate in the sponsored basketball program
school ”, states the process, explaining that“ during
preaching, ‘LGBT + issues’ such as relationships with ‘sin’ ”were highlighted.

with the criminal action, the school knew that technician was forcing students to
listening to anti-gay sermons as a precedent for the basketball program is at least
least eight years. The lawsuit claims that “by making unconstitutional proselytism
for students, as a condition precedent to participation in activities
sponsored by the school, the institution's actions violate the free clause
exercise of the First Amendment ”.

The document
still claims that the family had suffered “serious mental injury” as a result
the actions of the gym teacher and the school's complicity.

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The student
high school students and their two LGBT + mothers are asking for an injunction to prevent
requirement to participate in the program, in addition to requiring $ 1 million in
compensatory damages and up to $ 10 million in punitive damages.

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