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Lexa poses with flashy look and shows butt

by ace
Lexa poses low-cut and produced

Lexa (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Lexa started 2020 with everything. The singer posed wearing a flashy look with her back to the camera, highlighting the powerful butt of the outfit.

The piece chosen by the singer bears her own name, and is all worked on the intended. The fans were just compliments. "Linda," said a follower first. "Babe," said another then.

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At the firm party, Lexa puts her butt to thong bikini game

Recently, Lexa, who reared her butt in Europe, had her name used by an Estonian to apply scams. “Artist Lexa is the victim of a scam. Today, several people received a message from someone posing as the singer, requesting a deposit in the supplier's account in the amount of $ 200,000, ”said a passage.

Crying, the artist said that one person fell into the coup. “I'm very sad, my compadre spoke to me now… I thought no one had fallen by then. Unfortunately".


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