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Lexa suffocates with mansion flooded by rainwater

by ace
Lexa suffocates with mansion flooded by rainwater

Lexa (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Lexa had its mansion, located in Alphaville, in the Metropolitan Region of Sao Paulo, flooded by rainwater on Monday afternoon (23).

In Instagram Stories, Lexa showed suffocation in videos. Rainwater flooded the star house, damaging some expensive furniture. To try to get the water out of the room, the singer used a squeegee, but it was no use.

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“Imagine other people whose houses are not structured. I can only think of other people. I'm the least, ”she says, who continued. “We have already dried the whole room. It's funny our rush here, but to be honest, it wet my entire couch. I think I lost a piece of furniture there. It is made of wood and it touches the ground, ”he said.

“I've been pulling a squeegee for an hour. I lost a thousand more calories by squeegeeing at home and the saga is not over. I asked for help! And look, yesterday it was about 50 thousand poop and today water can not stand anymore. I live a good thing, I get home something happened! It's scolded! I'm going to say a prayer and some church chants, ”said the star, who recently released the song Combatchy in partnership with Anitta, Luísa Sonza and MC Rebecca.

Lexa suffocates with mansion flooded by rainwaterLexa shows water in the room
 (Photo: Playback / Instagram)


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