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LGBT + activist sued for “gay propaganda” in Russia

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LGBT + activist sued for “gay propaganda” in Russia

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Activist Yulja Tsvetkova (Reproduction)

LGBT activist Yulja Tsvetkova is responding for doing “gay propaganda”, after publishing a pro-diversity illustration on her social network, where an LGBT + family appears. With site information Amnesty International.

After the complaint, Yulja had to pay a fine of 50 thousand rubles, which in reais would be more or less 3 thousand reais. She has been under house arrest since November 23, 2019. Now the activist is in danger of being sentenced to six years in prison on charges of spreading “pornography”.

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Through social media, Natalia Zviagina, director of Amnesty International in Russia, said: “Once again, a Russian human rights activist pays a very high price – in every way – for simply spreading the ideals of inclusion, tolerance and empowerment. of the women".

“Yulia is the latest target of a long-standing discriminatory and intensely homophobic campaign. She suffered one blow after another, having been arbitrarily detained, interrogated and intimidated on several occasions ”, she added.

Russia is still one of the European countries with the greatest discrimination against LGBTQ + people in the world. In the last year, several attacks on people in the community have been exposed by the country's media.

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