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Ludmilla sings marijuana song on Rede Globo and drives the web crazy

by ace

Rio singer Ludmilla (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Invited from the "Encounter" this Monday (23), Ludmilla presented her new hit, "Verdinha", on the program stage, driving many netizens crazy. All because music has caused controversy for bringing references to marijuana use and trafficking.

On the stage of the program of Fatima Bernardes, the funkeira presented the track that brings excerpts such as “I was crazy, chapadona, only with the juana marola”. Check it out below:

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On Twitter, users were surprised that Rede Globo allowed the song to be played early in the morning. Others have celebrated the singer's performance. See the reactions:

Guys, Ludimilla singing about weed at 11 am at Globo is the Brazil that worked! #Meeting

– flavorstone (@fabioocardoso) December 23, 2019

I lived to see Fátima Bernardes perform a song that makes an apology for marijuana at 11 am during the school holidays.#Meeting

– Thales Rocha (@thaleslsrocha) December 23, 2019

Since its release, "Verdinha" has been raising controversy and facing severe criticism from a PSL deputy who points to an alleged apology for drug use and drug trafficking in the lyrics.

In a recent menu by the deputy named Cabo Junio ​​Amaral (PSL-MG), the politician wants the approval of a motion of repudiation against the singer for making an apology “to the practice of criminal conduct, such as planting, selling and using drugs”. . “She has an influence on young people, and that is of an immeasurably degrading dimension. And I also went to the Federal Police and the Public Prosecution Service because it is a clear apology for drug use, consumption and trafficking, ”said the deputy.

Ludmilla has shown on her social networks that she has been receiving many messages from happy mothers that their children are eating lettuce after the new song. Remember that the video is filmed in a lettuce plantation.

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