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Luisa Sonza is pinned by Faustão in the Famous Dance: “Glad you're going to be …

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In Domingão do Faustão yesterday (the 22nd), the presenter Fausto Silva surprised to pin Luisa Sonza, live. The singer was on the show accompanied by the full cast of the Famous Dance 2019.

The prick was created when Faustão asked the singer if she was smiling because she was “free” from the dance floor. Prior to that, in the same program, the host announced the blonde as "the hardest working gaucho in Brazil".

The presenter's statement came after Sonza admitted he could not devote himself as he should to the rehearsals of the Famous Dance because his schedule was full. However, according to the newspaper Extra, there were strong rumors that the singer had great difficulties in decorating the choreography and ended up crying behind the scenes of the attraction.

“Here is the gaucho who works most in Brazil. She and Whindersson Nunes. Why do you have that smile yet? Why is the dance over and you are free of it? ”Asked Fausto Silva.

Luisa Sonza, however, fled her tight skirt and preferred to disconcert. "No. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here. It's very special to me every time I walk on this stage, every time I want to cry with emotion, ”said the singer, who also thanked her dancer at the attraction.

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“I also want to thank Leo (Santos, dancer), who is already a winner for all he has done to get me here. And also to thank the whole team, which is wonderful and I see it as a family to me, ”added the singer, who was eliminated from the board on November 24 and even presented her board partner with a 0 KM car.

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