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Luiz Fernando Guimarães marries Adriano Medeiros

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Luiz Fernando Guimarães and his husband, Adriano Medeiros (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

To make the union even more robust, Luiz Fernando Guimarães and Adriano Medeiros were married in a civil ceremony on Friday (20). The moment was shared on their Instagram.

“Eyes swollen from crying. We cry together at the happiest moment of our lives, ”posted Adriano on his Instagram, with photos of them. “It was all amazing! Thank you for this magical moment. May twenty-plus come and twenty-plus. Let it be eternal! #casadosaprimeravista @luizguimaraesoficial love you! ”said Adriano on Instagram.

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Luiz Fernando Guimarães turns 70 and husband is surprised

The moment was celebrated by netizens, who wished the couple much congratulations. "How wonderful!!! Delight to see all this… a big hug, ”said one follower. “Congratulations, I love you guys,” said another.

Recently Luiz turned 70 and, in this sense, received a message of affection from his beloved. “Luiz turns 70. Congratulations, my great companion! May life continue to be beautiful to you! We are together. Forever! Okay, ”wrote Adriano in the caption.


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