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Maluma says he is not gay: “If I were, I would have said so”

by ace
Maluma says he is not gay: “If I were, I would have said so”

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Colombian singer Maluma (PHOTO: Reproduction)

When performing a live broadcast on social networks, Colombian singer Maluma was bombarded with the subject that was widely explored by the media: the rumors surrounding his alleged homosexuality.

He, in turn, ended up again denying that he is homosexual and even gave his followers a hard time shooting: “There are very stupid people, aren't there? What do you mean I'm gay? Stop being silly because I'm not gay, if I were I would have said so. ”

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But the most recent speculation has a reason: at the end of last year there were rumors of a possible involvement by Maluma and Pipe Bueno, also a Colombian singer. Gossip said they would have kissed in public, but nothing has been confirmed or reported.

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It is worth remembering that Maluma ended a two-year relationship with model Natalia Barulích last year. After the end, a psychic made a prediction at the end of last year pointing out that Maluma would come out of the closet in 2020. “There is a bigger card in the artistic environment, which is the gay letter, of the total liberation to come out of the closet. It means that, finally, in 2020, athletes, politicians and presenters will be able to come out of the closet. I definitely see complete fulfillment for the human being, ”said the psychic.

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