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Manu Gavassi sings hits and covers Adele on BBB

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Manu Gavassi sings hits and covers Adele on BBB

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Singer Manu Gavassi (PHOTO: Reproduction)

It was enough for the BBB production to leave a guitar and a stool at the last party of the program, for the participants to get excited and give a straw. With three singers in the cast of this edition of the program, one of the audience's darlings at BBB 20, Manu Gavassi also decided to divulge a little bit of his work.

At the party that took place this Wednesday (12th), the singer took the opportunity to present some of her songs to her confining companions. Manu Gavassi sang "Plans Impossible" and the track released last year "Música Secreta". Watch the videos:

let's praise Manu singing impossible plans perfect acoustic # BBB20 #festabbbpic.twitter.com/rJ9sLJYW3S

– librianja (@moonlnss) February 13, 2020

Continuing with the presentation, Manu Gavassi also sang “Someone Like You”, one of Adele's first hits.

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Cute!! @manugavassi singing “Someone Like You” yesterday at the party #BBBpic.twitter.com/mg3D2X90PU

– Portal Adele Brasil (@portaladelebr) February 13, 2020

Also check out the presentation of “Secret Music”:

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