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Mariah Carey says Eminem has small penis after being invaded

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American singer Mariah Carey (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Every year, Mariah Carey always becomes a subject, due to her Christmas classic "All I Want For Christmas is You." But another matter familiar to the singer also surfaced: her years rivalry with Eminem.

The singer's Twitter account was hacked into hackers, who posted dozens of racy messages, with curses, requests for followers and a tease from rapper Eminem.

The controversial message, written in English, stated something like this: "Eminem has a small dick." That was not the only one, "He still can't take this bullshit" and "That one said against Nick Cannon's Eminem was heavy" were also posted.

The two musicians reportedly had an affair in 2001. Mariah denies the story in what Eminem confirms. Twitter administrators had confirmed to USA Today that the singer's account was actually hacked: "We blocked her account as soon as we heard about it and are investigating the situation."

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It is worth remembering that Eminem, after these years of barbar exchanges, released a pinning strip on Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey's ex-husband. The rivalry between the musicians took on new tones in 2009, when critics pointed out that Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" was a clear reaction to the rapper's alleged obsession with the singer.

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