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Marília Mendonça says she felt ugly during pregnancy

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Marília Mendonça says she felt ugly during pregnancy

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Marília Mendonça and son, Léo (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Marília Mendonça used Stories to interact with fans and talked about her pregnancy with followers. Sincere, the countrywoman who owns the music ‘Get over’, revealed that she felt ugly during pregnancy. The singer is Léo's mother, the result of her relationship with Murilo Huff.

“It was my worst phase of self-esteem. I never had any problems with her as I did during pregnancy. I didn't even take a professional photo of a pregnant woman, she avoided looking at me in the concert photos or in the mirror ”, she confessed.

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“It hindered me a lot in terms of food, too. I took it out on the food, ”he said. The famous even revealed that she was eating poorly. “I finished everything I had built with a lot of effort. Thank goodness, I didn't have any health problems or gestational diabetes, but I really regret not taking care of myself at this stage, he added.

When asked if she missed what her body was like before pregnancy, Marília replied: “During pregnancy, I did. Now, looking at my son's beautiful face, I have a lot of love for the stork that brought him to me. My body is wonderful, I take care of it because I love it. He generated a life, and this is too much! “.

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