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Marvel reveals that THIS is the strongest member of the Avengers – and not who you …

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Marvel reveals that THIS is the strongest member of the Avengers - and not who you ...

Avengers script: Ultimatum confirms that Combat Machine is now the most powerful Avenger on Earth. The final battle in Avengers: Ultimatum showed Colonel James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes dressing in new armor, never seen before in the MCU.

Inspired by the Iron Patriot's armor he wore in Iron Man 3, the upgraded armor he wore in Avengers had considerably more firepower.

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Little by little, though, Marvel is gradually revealing just how powerful the new Combat Machine armor is. Marvel recently released the full Avengers script: Ultimatum, in which Rhodey's exoskeletal costume is called "cosmic armor."

So far, viewers had assumed that this was just another Stark-developed exoskeleton, but that seems not to be the case. Instead, this new costume has been updated with alien technology, potentially from Rocket or Captain Marvel.

Presumably this means the Combat Machine has weapons that are beyond anything else on Earth – potentially beyond Tony Stark's imagination.

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Interestingly, Rhodey played no major role in the Avengers war against Thanos and his forces. Probably because Marvel heavily edited this final fight, removing a complete air battle.

Sean Gunn, who plays Kraglin Obfonteri in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, discussed the "battle of the sky" scene with Screen Rant, explaining that it was removed simply because it would cause a lot of distraction. It is reasonable to assume that the Combat Machine was part of this sequence of action.

The book “The Art of Avengers: Ultimatum” reveals how many ideas Marvel has put into the cosmic armor of the Combat Machine. “I decided to have different levels of situational readiness, similar to the military's DEFCON threat levels,” explained concept artist Adam Ross.

Concept art shows several different iterations as additional rockets are launched or some kind of energy weapon drawn into the shoulders. According to Marvel, the Combat Machine's armor was designed to face large armies.

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All in all, it is clear that Rhodey has become the most formidable defender on earth. He may have even participated in space missions before, explaining why he seemed closer to Captain Marvel than any other Avenger member.

What's more, Rhodey may be perfectly positioned to become a major player in the future of MCU. The post-credit scene from Spider-Man: Away from Home revealed that Nick Fury is working on some kind of cosmic defense for Earth, and it is reasonable to assume that the Combat Machine will be part of it.


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