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Marvel's Strangest Novel Belongs to Iron Man

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Marvel's Strangest Novel Belongs to Iron Man

In Marvel Comics, Iron Man is one of the most intelligent heroes. His talents for advanced technology have already created some of the best inventions in the comic book world… and also great disasters.

In a 2000s comic book, Tony Stark creates armor with sentient intelligence. That could be a great alternative to real heroes. However, the armor ends up falling in love with the hero in a really bizarre story.

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In the comics in question, Tony Stark creates armor to back up his traditional costume. However, when the hero is struck by lightning, he suffers a heart attack. When he wakes up, Jocasta artificial intelligence claims that the armor turned on by itself and came alive.

Stark says he fears the results of the free will of the costume. The suit responds by stating that it has lowered Tony Stark's consciousness and knows the hero's mind more than anyone.

Then the armor listens to Stark talking to Rumiko Fujikawa, who asks if Tony loves the armor. The hero loses his mind and claims that the costume could never understand what love means.

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Things get really weird when the armor confesses to being in love with its creator, saying it loves him according to the concepts learned by his mind.

Marvel's Strangest Novel Belongs to Iron Man

Strangely, Tony Stark tries to get the comments out. He wears his armor once again to face villain Whiplash. With a life of its own, the costume takes control and kills the wrongdoer. The rest of the bow brings the armor taking even more control over itself and building a synthetic body.

She then takes Tony Stark to a desert island and decides to kill the beloved. However, Tony suffers a heart attack and the armor cannot see the creator die. She tears her own heart out and sacrifices herself to save Stark.

Fortunately, this story has never been adapted for the MCU.

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