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Michael Jackson's friend reveals that the singer's encounters with children …

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Michael Jackson's friend reveals that the singer's encounters with children ...

American singer Michael Jackson (PHOTO: Reproduction_

Michael Jackson's official Instagram account on Instagram shared a photo of the late pop star visiting sick children in the hospital and his friend and vocal coach described these moments as emotional: ‘I was in the bathroom crying’.

Philanthropist, Michael Jackson was also known for his efforts to help people in need around the world. In a recent Instagram post on his official account, his efforts to comfort sick children in the hospital were revealed by his friend and former vocal coach, Seth Riggs.

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In the caption of the post, Seth Riggs stated: “Every night the children got on stretchers, so sick that they could barely keep their heads up. Michael knelt on the stretchers and put his face next to them, so he could take a picture with them, and then gave them a copy to remember the moment. I couldn't take it. I was in the bathroom crying. Children cheered up in his presence. If that gave them a few more days of energy, it would be worth it for Michael ”.

The fascinating history of the pop icon received more than 135,000 likes from fans on Instagram. They also showed their admiration for Michael Jackson through many comments. A great humanitarian, it is worth remembering that the star joined Guinness World Records for the largest number of contributions to charity arising from a pop star.

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, tragically died of cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009. Millions of people took to the streets and on the web to mourn the fact after the devastating death of the legend.

In his lifetime, Michael Jackson recorded charitable singles like We Are The World and proceeds from various world tours were donated to charities. The non-profit campaign would be responsible for directing resources to hungry people on the African continent, especially in Ethiopia, where hunger was victimizing about 1 million people a year (according to data from the 1980s).

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