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Pagodeiro dies at 27 with coronavirus symptoms

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Pagodeiro dies at 27 with coronavirus symptoms

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A young musician named Gabriel Martinez, 27, died in the early hours of Sunday (22) in Rio de Janeiro with symptoms of the coronavirus, according to friends and family. Pagodeiro and member of a gender group, the young man had bronchitis and began to show symptoms of the virus last Monday (16th). The artist sought medical attention, but did not undergo exams and received only instructions for treating himself in isolation. On Saturday, his condition worsened and he was admitted to Hospital Badim, in Tijuca, where he died hours later.

Since the morning of last Sunday (the 22nd), messages have been spreading on social networks suggesting a supposed death due to the covid-19, which would indicate the first case of a young man in Rio de Janeiro. Many friends of Gabriel went to his profile on Instagram seeking more information and mourning his death. The information was published by the newspaper O Globo.

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Pagodeiro dies at 27 with coronavirus symptoms

Sought by the press, Hospital Badim replied that it does not inform the clinical conditions of its patients and that, on the suspicions of covid-19, it directly reported all information to the Government's Strategic Information and Response Center (CIEVS). state. Sought, the State Department of Health also did not confirm the case.

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Last Monday (16th), the pagodeiro would have started to feel fever and a strong cough and because of the symptoms he sought medical attention, according to friends. However, the young man was not tested for coronavirus and was instructed to only do the treatment at home, in quarantine. Last Saturday, however, the young musician began to complain of shortness of breath and chest pains and then quickly went to Badim. At the medical center, the presence of spots on his lung would have been found, and the musician did not resist.

The pagodeiro studied at the College of Application at UFRJ and attended college at FACHA. As a smoker and with bronchitis, the young man was part of the risk group. Friends also reported that the musician had low immunity.

He was part of the Deu Liga pagoda group, famous for doing many events at Barril 8000 in the Méier neighborhood. The young man was a resident of the region, in Cachambi. In his last post on Facebook, he demanded that society start adopting preventive measures against coronavirus, and be quarantined.

The pagoda group issued an official note mourning the death and pointing out that they will await the results of the tests to find out the real causes of death.



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