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Patricia Leitte appears with new boyfriend: “Evangelical like me”

by ace
Patricia Leitte appears with new boyfriend: “Evangelical like me”

Patrícia Leitte (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

THE former BBBPatricia Leitte began 2020 with the right foot in love. In an Instagram post, the blonde, who owns a body, announced that she has a new love, model Yago Lanes. Announcing the relationship, she posted a photo of the two enjoying New Year's Eve together.

“Guys, now it's for real! 2020 has arrived! Né @yagolanesoficial It's shippar that speaks right? ”, Wrote the beauty, in the subtitle of the publication. “I love you so much, I only pray to God it is a year of great achievements and achievements in our lives. Thank you for being so special to me, ”declared the boy.

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Interviewed by the magazine Who, Patricia told how the two met. “We met on my birthday in 2018, when I dressed as Peppa Pig. He came by an invitation from another friend of mine. We kept talking. There was a period when we stopped seeing each other, we stayed with other people and then came back. Between comings and goings, I fell in love and when I realized I was in a degree that could not be without being a public thing. It was already in the face. ”

Despite living in Rio, Yago often travels to Fortaleza to visit her former sister. “What fascinated me most about him was that he was evangelical, like me. Being from the middle and who understands my work. Very considerate, affectionate, does everything to be with me. He always comes to Fortaleza and treats me very well when I go to Rio. His relationship with my son is very good. It's a sum, ”she said, who is the mother of David, 12 years old.


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