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Pokémon executive reveals the real reason behind the big change in …

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Pokémon (Fonte: Reprodução)

Pokémon (Source: Reproduction)

When the world met Pokémon, a fever hit millions of people. Nowadays, the franchise is bigger than ever. But there are some things that Pokémon had to leave behind during its early years. And the older fans miss them.

One is Pikachu's original design, which was somewhat more robust. So if you always wanted to know what happened to Pikachu, which in both games and series was very different from the current one, we have the answer.

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After all, the secret behind Pikachu's design change has been revealed. One of The Pokémon Company executives admitted that the anime played a huge role in the arrival of Pikachu's slender figure. Ken Sugimori opened up on the issue during an interview with the Yomiuri newspaper:

“We were also influenced by the introduction of the anime. Because animation made them do a variety of movements, including human-like gestures, we changed Pikachu's body shape to facilitate acting. While Pikachu was originally very short and robust, we gradually gave a more defined neck and lengthened his spine, ”shared the chief designer.

“The Pikachu that appeared in the Pokémon franchise after the animated series aired was influenced by how it appeared in the anime,” he continued. “Besides, I had no idea they were going to make him scream‘ Pikachu ’. It's like a cat shouting the word 'cat'. ”

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Check out below the images that show Pikachu from the first episode and a newer version of the monster in the anime:

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