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PS5 and Xbox Series X may be more expensive than you might think; understand

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The joke of selling a kidney to buy a next-gen video game just got a boost. According to some of the leading analysts in the industry, PS5 and XBox Series may cost more than previously speculated.
That's because both Sony and Microsoft can relinquish the strategy of launching a product at the same price as last generation so that they can recoup the investment later.

The bet of this group of analysts is that the PS5 and XBox Series consoles will come out in the $ 500- $ 600 range. Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at IHS Markit Technology, is also thinking. "I also expect the prices of the PS5 and Xbox Series X to be similar," says the pro, who also expects both products to cost more than the PS4 at its launch when it came out for $ 399.

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Although this may seem like an obvious point to the Brazilian reality, which lives with inflation and a constant devaluation of the dollar against the real, the strategy of foreigners to keep the same price of a previous generation to earn later is something already done, check out on here PlayStation franchise history in its releases.

Serkan Toto of Kantan Games is another analyst who predicts that the two consoles will be very similar in specifications, pricing and features. "Both consoles will be much more alike in terms of specifications, pricing and features compared to the next generation," says Toto, who bets $ 499 on both when they come out.

For now, these prices are only projections, as neither Sony nor Microsoft signaled anything around this issue. However, this does not prevent retailers from already anticipating to attract first-time customers, even advertising pre-sales on their site.

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