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REPENTANT! Lea Michele apologizes to black cast of Glee

by ace
REPENTANT! Lea Michele apologizes to black cast of Glee

Lea Mihcelle – Glee – Photo Reproduction

The actress, who starred in Ryan Murphy's popular musical series for six seasons, was accused by several Glee actors of making their lives "hell" during his time on set with her.

Ware, who played Jane on the show, accused Lea of ​​“microaggressions
traumatic events ”, which made her question a career in Hollywood, while
Drag Race star Willam said she left the set because she treated her
“So subhumanly”.

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In a
statement shared on Instagram on Wednesday (June 3), Lea said
that the accusations drove her crazy: “focus specifically on how my
behavior towards the cast members was perceived by
them ”, although she says she does not remember making comments
negatives about them.

I do not remember to make that specific statement and I have never judged others
the background or the skin color, that’s not really the point, which
what matters is that I clearly acted in ways that hurt other people ”,
she wrote.

“If it was the
my privileged position and perspective that led me to be perceived as
insensitive or inadequate at times or if it was just my immaturity and I
just being unnecessarily difficult, I apologize for my behavior
and for any pain you have caused.

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“We can all grow and change. I definitely used these past few months to reflect on my own shortcomings. I heard these criticisms and I am learning and, although I apologize, I will be better in the future with this experience ”.

Since the
charges have been released, the HelloFresh shopping delivery service
confirmed that they have ended their partnership with Lea. “HelloFresh does not tolerate racism
nor discrimination of any kind. We are discouraged and disappointed to learn
of recent allegations about Lea Michele. We take this very seriously and
we ended our partnership with Lea Michele, with immediate effect. ”

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