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SHOCKING! Marvel abuses violence and quarters Wolverine

by ace
SHOCKING! Marvel abuses violence and quarters Wolverine

X-Force # 5 sees Wolverine cut in half after the portal he used to reach Krakoa was closed when he was traversed by invaders trying to break through the mutant paradise.

He's not the only one who was cut into pieces, as Kid Omega's head is cut off next to him. Still, Wolverine doesn't sink in pity, instead, he starts killing soldiers.

He launches his claws through an invader and tries to kill two more, despite missing the lower half of his body. Two soldiers unload machine gun shots at him, leaving his upper half mutilated and filled with bullet holes.

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Despite his courage being on full display and having new bullet holes all over his body, Wolverine still tries to kill soldiers after Forge finds him. Forge controls him, and Domino finishes the job against the invaders.

Even in a state that can barely be called alive, Wolverine does not give up the fight. After the soldiers are shot down, he recovers and has a much-deserved whiskey. He tells Domino that “he looks like an idiot, but I'll be fine. With time".

Despite being cut in half and hit in pieces, Wolverine managed to get out of the violent situation alive.

However, he still felt the pain and will have to deal with the mental trauma that accompanies it. He has someone to talk to, as Domino suffered similar bodily mutilation. Wolverine is a tough guy, but even tough guys are in pain.

X-Force # 5 is now on sale in American comic book stores.

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