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Showrunner talks about the possibility of a Watchmen season 2

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Showrunner fala sobre a possibilidade de haver uma 2ª temporada de Watchmen (Fonte: Reprodução)

Showrunner talks about the possibility of a Watchmen season 2 (Source: Reproduction)

Watchmen's first season came to an explosive conclusion on Sunday (15) on HBO. With that, the biggest question on everyone's mind remains: "Will Watchmen have a second season?" According to the show's showrunner, Damon Lindelof, it is not yet clear at this time.

In a recent interview with EWLindelof revealed that most of the people involved in the production of season one have already committed themselves to other projects – however, that won't stop him if HBO wants another season.

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"Speaking contractually, I don't think it's been officialized yet," Lindelof told the magazine about the hired actors. “I don't know what the basement rules are. (Regina King) is directing a movie now and I think we'll do it in the near future. If any of the actors wanted to do another TV show or movie, I think they should be free to do it. ”

He adds: “Now we're basically in a realm where Jean Smart can do Legion and Watchmen simultaneously if you can figure out the programming. It's not like the days of Lost when it was: ‘Sorry Matthew Fox, you are ours for six years’. As for writers… they are on other projects. I think I got it in the back of my mind if I called and they were available and I could be like, ‘Hey, we're setting up the class again for another year, and they could do it. ‘But maybe I'm naive about it.”

Watchmen is available on HBO GO.

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