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Singer Karina Buhr reveals being raped several times by famous religious

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Karina Buhr

Bahian singer Karina Buhr (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Bahian singer Karina Buhr, 45, made a controversial outburst on her profile on the social network Medium, claiming to have been the victim of several rapes by Dito de Oxóssi, famous father of saint and singer of Afoxé Ylê de Egbá. The musician died on the 15th, in Recife, after suffering a cardiopulmonary arrest at 57 years.

In the publication that bore the title “He died, and hell rose again for me” (read below, in full), the artist tells in detail the sexual abuse she would have suffered from the musician and the reason for only revealing the rapes now.

“Why expose a man who has just died for rape? Because I almost died at his hands. Why didn't you report it when you were alive? For fear of dying, fear of hurting my mother ”, reveals the artist, who also mentions in the text the reported cases of abuse committed by the medium João de Deus.

“I will surely hear that I am not respecting the family in a moment of pain. Yes, I respect. I respect the pain of each and every one of them who regarded Said as their father. And I ask you also to respect my pain, which has been going on for over 20 years. He, as a babalorixá, called me a daughter and used his strength and authority within that context to enslave my mind and body, ”he added.

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Later in the text, Karina Buhr reveals how the first rape occurred at her house in the year 2000: “He took me to my room, had me kneel on the floor and acted as if I was going to start one of those counseling sessions. I found the request to kneel strange but I did. He then opened his belt, unzipped his pants and put his penis in my mouth, ”he says.

“I was stunned, paralyzed with fear, guilt, shame, even though I was falling prey to something I didn't even know what it was. I did not understand anything, everything was wrong again and again I could not react, crying, desperate. I was totally overwhelmed by this situation and felt without mastery over my mind or body. It was an entity I had been living with for some time and had devotion. ”

According to Karina Buhr's report, the second abuse occurred at Dito's house in 2001: “While speaking and giving advice, he opened his pants. He leaned me against the table and raped me with penetration again, me crying again, in my mother's office, with all the fear, guilt and sadness heightened by it. ”

“Right after he got in I was able to react, I pushed him (and got a weird weight, thinking I did something very wrong and would be punished) and he pulled it out. A few minutes later someone came into the house. I wanted to kill myself. I left the house looking at the floor and with an indescribable guilt ”, he told.

The third time, according to Karina, would have been in his car. , that my mind was calm. I was destroyed inside. I don't remember when it was, only after the other two times, ”she said.


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