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Skywalker Rise triggers the Star Wars spin-off series we needed

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Ascensão Skywalker lançou a melhor ideia para uma série spin-off de Star Wars (Fonte: Montagem/Reprodução)

Skywalker Rise launched the best idea for a Star Wars spin-off series (Source: Montage / Reproduction)

There are many side stories and adventures that fill the myths of Star Wars. Sometimes, as in The Mandalorian, this means introducing new characters, even if inspired by previous iconic appearances. Other times we can see something completely new, even within this universe, as in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But we also have untold stories starring in old favorites.

And Star Wars Episode IX, Skywalker Ascension, quietly establishes one such adventure. The film reveals that somewhere between The Return of the Jedi and The Awakening of Force, there was a side mission of Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian to hunt down ancient Sith artifacts. Certainly, the keenest fans of the franchise realized in the act that this sounds like an amazing spin-off series!

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Luke and Lando Rising Skywalker

As they travel through the galaxy to discover the clues that will lead them to Emperor Palpatine, Rey and company end up in the desert world of Pasaana. There they find an old ally of the Rebellion, Lando Calrissian. Lando was one of the main heroes of the original trilogy, an old friend of Han Solo who was forced to betray him in The Empire Strikes Back.

However, he turned against the Empire, becoming a General in the Rebellion and helping to topple the second Death Star. Unfortunately, since those days, he has given up riding, although he still considers himself an ally of Leia. It turns out that the latest movie reveals that he is the one who helped find the world of the Sith alongside Luke years before the events of the new movies.

Lando says that sometime after the war with the Empire, Luke found the ancient Jedi texts and read them. He wanted to learn the location of the old Sith world suggested in them so that he could ensure that nothing was happening there. However, his fears prove true, as it is revealed that this world is where Palpatine made his new base of operations while creating his armies to attack the galaxy once again.

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While searching for information about the planet, Lando and Luke roamed the galaxy together, chasing a mysterious Jedi hunter who was secretly working as one of Palpatine's top agents in the galaxy. When Luke and Lando finally found a dead end in Pasaana (unbeknownst to them, the hunter had sunk into the sands and died underground), Luke gave up on the mission and left to teach in his new Jedi Temple.

A spin-off series

Luke and Lando is a partnership that few Star Wars stories have explored. Putting the gentle Master Jedi, before giving up on the Jedi, with Lando's eccentric character would be a fun partnership. The two have worked together in the past. But seeing them with more screen time together, especially considering their respective skill sets and relationship with the larger galaxy as a whole, could be a very fun way to explore new corners of the universe.

Although your mission is doomed to failure, it does not mean that there can be no other minor elements for your adventure together. In this way we could see people who needed to be saved or criminals who needed to be deceived, giving Luke and Lando plenty of reasons to distract themselves on their journey. The series could still explain why Lando gave up his pilot and, who knows, how it helped Luke retire as well.

Although the Skywalker Saga may have been closed, there will no doubt be future stories told in this part of the Star Wars timeline. Even for just one season, fans deserve a series with Luke and Lando together across the galaxy. Especially with Lando trying to prove he's better than Luke's ability to use the Force. Putting them together is a very good idea for Lucasfilm to pass up.


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