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Sony promises to load games as fast as Netflix

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Sony promises to load games as fast as Netflix

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The next PlayStation just got another big promise. That's because Sony is telling developers that loading games on the PS5 should be as fast and intuitive as choosing something to watch on Netflix.

According to the calculation made by the Resetera, Sony is designing a PS5 to deal directly with the immediate. "They want people to feel more inclined to play in short bursts, instead of just wanting to turn on the console when they have a few hours to spare," he wrote Jason Schreie.

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Similarly, it looks like Sony was inspired by the way Netflix makes loading content consistently fast. "One of the arguments that Sony has made to developers is‘ playing a PS5 game should be as easy as Netflix. "

They want to make players feel they can load the game immediately and know exactly how long a given activity will take, ”concludes Schreier.

The statements add up to a series of promises made so far not only by Sony, but also by Microsoft, which guarantee that the experience in terms of waiting will be the shortest in gaming history. SSDs, Teraflops and the like will be in full swing.

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