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Space Force: See the terrible joke that Netflix series tells

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Space Force: See the terrible joke that Netflix series tells


Space Force did not please Netflix fans. In addition, the big joke perceived in the attraction is making it worse.

The comedy starring Steve Carrell is accused of being bland. For critics, the series' attempted joke misses the timing, which is crucial to what’s happening with Space Force.

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The series tries to bring a satire on American life – in a completely idiotic way. Space Force tries to laugh at the idea of ​​U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Space Force, also created in real life, has a plan to create surveillance in space. The series tries to make fun of an idea that seems unnecessary for the moment, with monumental expenses without a clear objective.

However, Space Force arrives with an inconsistency of tone, weak characters and a plot that doesn't work. The Netflix series tells the terrible joke that happens in the world – that turns more into worrying facts than something to laugh about.

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As a comedy, viewers expected to laugh with Space Force. However, the series still brings criticism on topics such as meaningless wars, corporate gifts and the exaggerated importance that social networks assume in everyone's life.

In addition, there is the story of the protagonist, Mark Naird. He becomes a 4-star general and thinks his life will change forever.

However, he is disappointed to receive the strange mission in the Space Force – with “boots on the moon until 2024”. The dream turns into a nightmare, with Naird getting ahead of the confused project and watching the family fall apart.

By moving to a small town, where the Space Force base is, Space Force skips a year. Soon, fans discover an unhappy Naird with his wife in jail.

Perhaps the problem with Space Force was being launched in the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). In another era, who knows, the Netflix series could have sparked several discussions – such as absurd government spending on dubious projects, for example.

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The fact, at least, would take a little attention from the fan reviews about Space Force not having a definite plot.

"Very grudgingly, a four-star general joins an eccentric scientist on a mission to get the newest US military agency, the Space Force, off the ground," says the official synopsis of the Netflix series.

In addition to The Office star Steve Carrell, the cast also has John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Diana Silvers and Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe of Friends.

The first season of Space Force is now available on Netflix.


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