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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings nostalgic surprise to GameCube fans

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Nintendo added content to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that is a true time travel. The Melee Tribute Tournament. The mode is a tribute to Super Smash Bros. Melee, released for the Nintendo GameCube console in 2001.

The game was the sequel to Super Smash Bros. from 1999 to Nintendo 64, and was a great success, expanding on the original in almost every way possible. With more characters, more stages and the brand new GameCube joystick, Melee has quickly become one of the most legendary fighting games of all time.

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The Melee is Life tournament will feature exclusively wrestlers and stages that premiered in Super Smash Bros. Melee In other words, players will have access to Bowser, Peach, Pichu, Mewtwo, Marth, Roy, Young Link, Falco, Dr. Mario, Climbers, Mr. Game & Watch, Zelda, Sheik and Ganondorf. However, you will not have access to the 12 fighters that debuted in the original Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo expects the tournament to attract a sizable audience. After all, Melee remains one of the top fighting tournaments, and the game has shaped the franchise in a way that continues today. Proof of this is the support that Nintendo offers today to the original GameCube controllers for all subsequent games in the franchise, almost twenty years after its release.

The Melee is Life tournament at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate starts January 3rd and runs until the next 6th.


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