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The mysteries surrounding the death of Cassia Eller; what did she die?

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The mysteries surrounding the death of Cassia Eller; what did she die?

Carioca singer Cassia Eller (PHOTO: Reproduction)

December 29, 2001 is the date on which Brazil lost one of the most unmistakable voices in Brazilian music. Cássia Eller passed away at the age of 39, after suffering three cardiac arrests.

As reported at the time, the singer arrived at the hospital "with a picture of disorientation and agitation", which evolved "quickly to respiratory depression and cardiorespiratory arrest".

Some people associated death with drug use, which the family struggled to prove it hadn't been and claimed that, in fact, there had been an error in the singer's service.

That was how the death of the woman who only asked God for "a little trickery" ended up becoming a police case.

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On that fateful day, Cássia was taken to the Santa Maria clinic, located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, the artist was complaining of nausea and malaise.

She was admitted to the coronary care unit and stayed at the ICU (Intensive Care Center), without improving. During the afternoon, her condition worsened and the medical team had to try resuscitation maneuvers. There were three, but it had no effect. It was already close to 6 pm when the situation became even more delicate, and the singer died.

There was no cause officially disclosed, the rumors were that the death of the singer, who was apparently healthy, was due to a relationship with drug abuse.

Ronaldo Villas, the singer's manager at the time, denied the use of narcotics and told the press that cardiac arrest could be related to overwork. "In seven months, he played more than one hundred shows," he told the newspaper "Folha de S. Paulo" at the time.

After this declaration, the case of the death of Cássia Eller started to be investigated by the 10th DP (Police Station) of Botafogo.

In an interview months earlier, Cassia opened the game and talked about drug addiction and told about the problems she faced to quit cocaine, but she said it was clean. “I underwent a detox treatment, which lasted from 98 to 2000. I found Jesus, I follow him, clean,” he said.

“I was getting in the way, to the point of losing commitments. There was a child in the house, my wife didn't like it. I wanted to do it myself, it was cool, ”he added.

And the IML toxicological report proved the family's version that said: there was no alcohol or drugs in the singer's body. As a result, death was named “acute myocardial infarction”.

Years later, the family's "victory": the Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor's Office pointed out that there was a medical error in the singer's treatment and that some medication administered in the hospital had aggravated her case.

"There is no evidence, under any circumstances, that she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs," said Marcos André Campuzano, the lawyer hired to represent the singer's family.

By decision of the 5th Prosecutor's Office for Criminal Investigation, death was proven to be natural and the case was closed without blaming the hospital, which, according to prosecutor Renata Maria Cabo, provided assistance in a "technical and appropriate manner".

Cássia Eller left her partner, Maria Eugênia, and her son, Francisco Eller, who was eight years old at the time and currently 26 years old.


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