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The Universim goes beta with new planets

by ace
The Universim

Image: Crytivo

Crytivo announced that the game The universim is entering Beta along with an update that improves the scale of the game's planets. Universim is an ambitious crowdfunding game that seeks to create a civilization-building experience from the earliest days of Neolithic life to a galactic civilization that encompasses planets.

The next major game update will take you to official beta status and enhance many aspects of the game – but it focuses primarily on updating parts of it that spawn new worlds. The planets are now bigger, with more things and have more beautiful mountains. They also generate faster to boot.

All of these updates pave the way for the deployment of alien worlds for players to expand their civilizations, including a Space Age for the Nuggets. The update will also improve AI's path search, theoretically eliminating a nasty bug where your little nuggets would be doing nothing.

The beta announcement comes almost six years after Universim first sought support for crowdfunding through Kickstarter. You can find the Universim at Steam and in GOG. Check out the trailer below.


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