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The Walking Dead swaps Rick Grimes for Daryl; Look

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The Walking Dead swaps Rick Grimes for Daryl; Look

The Walking Dead adapted a crucial scene from creator Robert Kirkman's comics in the episode “Look at the Flowers”, with Daryl (Norman Reedus) replacing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). After Carol (Melissa McBride) renegades her deal with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), which she released from prison as part of a pact to infiltrate the Whisperers and kill leader Alpha (Samantha Morton), the fugitive Negan is intercepted by Daryl , who seeks revenge for an act of war that devastated Hilltop.

With Carol gone in exile, Negan desperately tries to convince Daryl that he was the one who silenced Alpha.

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"She is dead. She's dead, I killed her, ”Negan tells Daryl, handing Alpha's mask over as proof.

"Her mask is not the head," growls Daryl, unaware that Carol placed Alpha's buzzed head on the Whisperers border, finally avenging her murdered son Henry (Matt Lintz).

"The reason I worked with them was so that I could get close enough to Alpha to cut his throat," says Negan. “Now you talk about silencing the Whispers, I silenced Alpha. Why the hell do you think your girlfriend let me out of that cell? ”

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In the comic books, the circumstances were different: the Whisperers attacked Hilltop after Alpha was killed, not before, and a then-missing Negan – who was released by Brandon Rose – was not present in the first battle in the Whisperers' War.

After beheading Alpha in issue # 156, the fugitive Negan approaches Alexandria while carrying Alpha's head in a bloody bag. Former Salvador Dwight wants him to be killed, but Magna refuses the order, knowing that Rick wants him to come back alive.

In a meeting with Rick and Andrea, Negan hands over Alpha's head.

"If I wanted to take revenge, think about the opportunity I missed," Negan tells Rick, suspiciously. "I was with them for almost a week … and I got close enough to do that."

Like the TV Negan, who is seen by Whispers as the new Alpha, he says he could have taken control of the group and used his ready army against Alexandria.

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"Instead, I'm here offering everything I discovered," cries Negan, "and literally took my mind off their organization."

Telling Negan that he will never live within its walls, Rick summons Negan to serve on the front lines against the Whisperers. If he sustains the end of the deal without changing sides, says Rick, Negan will receive enough supplies to survive alone at an outpost – away from Alexandria.

In "Look at the Flowers", Daryl is a mix of Dwight and Rick after Carol took over from Rick when Negan delivered Alpha's beheaded head at the end of "Walk With Us". As Carol left him alone at the Whisperers' border, Negan is left without the only evidence that he was acting on behalf of Alexandria.

"Just guide me through those gates so I can open a new chapter in Negan's book," he says to Carol, who says she still can't go back to Alexandria. "If I go back there without you, there will be a noose around my neck the second I arrive."

Negan's prediction comes true when he is captured by Daryl, who never finds Alpha's head because it has already been recovered by Beta (Ryan Hurst). Looking at Daryl's beast, Negan explains: “You didn't kill it. I killed. It took a minute. I had to make her trust me, because I was not on a suicide mission! ”

Daryl is only convinced that Negan is telling the truth when he saves him from being killed by Whispers who identify Negan as his new Alpha. "I'm not lying to you," Negan says to Daryl.

“When your people locked me up, I lost everything. Seven years spent looking at that little window. Man, that sucked. It got so bad that even my memories had bars painted on them. So, when Alpha took me, I admit, I liked it. It was good to feel like I cared again, like I was respected ”, he confessed. “But she took it too far. You don't kill people who don't deserve it. And you never kill children. ”

"Should that make me like you?" Daryl asks. When Negan responds in the negative, Daryl says, "Great."

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