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THESE are the 3 most popular Netflix series in the world; and they will …

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THESE are the 3 most popular Netflix series in the world; and they will ...

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Netflix is ​​popular around the world because people love having great content, and this can best be achieved with a service that compiles content in an easily digestible format. After surprising the world with its main design philosophy, the company started creating original programming in 2013 and, in the following years, this content took streaming to the forefront of the industry.

However, however universal the love of streaming may be, different countries around the world share unique interests and habits, which means that some of the extremely popular films and programs in India may be just one more title in the catalog somewhere. In america. Even so, some programs and films transcend this trend and become immensely popular in several countries, guaranteeing themselves as global sensations.

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For example, Stranger Things is currently the most popular Original Netflix show in the world, taking first place in 97 countries. This includes almost all countries in North America, South America and Mexico, as well as Russia, Australia and the United Kingdom. All three seasons on the show have been incredibly successful so far, and Stranger Things 4 will surprise you a lot if it doesn't keep its momentum and fan base.

Down the list with 45 countries (mostly in Africa and parts of the Middle East) is Judd Apatow's romantic comedy, Love, which ranks second. Meanwhile, Sacred Games and 13 Reasons Why are tied for third place, with 2 countries each. Surprisingly, we don't see names like Daredevil, The Crown or Ozark. Not even the popular German series Dark.

Regardless of what is popular, Netflix continues to leave the park with its original programming year after year, ensuring that its legacy will continue for decades to come. And with the current Coronavirus pandemic, which limits our ability to socialize, there has never been a better time to relax and enjoy all the content.

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