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Thor will face the most powerful villain of all in Marvel; Look!

by ace
Thor will face the most powerful villain of all in Marvel; Look!

The God of Thunder is changing in the Marvel Universe, with Thor # 1 relaunching the hero with a new look, a new place as king of Asgard, and a new mission that he may be powerless to stop. But one thing is certain: the new Thor will be as powerful as the old.

A fact that Galactus can confirm personally.

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Thor # 1's preview shows that the new Marvel series will start where fans wait before a new threat is detected. Thor has overcome almost every obstacle in his path for years, but has never encountered anything like the "Dark Winter."

Even Thor is not god enough to face the threat and save his people, leaving him with no choice but to look for a new solution. A solution that may just be Galactus… and a Thor may have to defeat him.

The epic cover is courtesy of Marvel's new requests for Thor # 4. The plot synopsis confirms that Thor's quest for more power will send him straight to Galactus.

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Good luck to him. But maybe unlucky for Galactus. Check out Thor # 4 cover below.

With an indication of Galactus revealing Thor's response, and cover art that certainly suggests Thor is receiving an update on cosmic power, many fans suspect that Thor will become Galactus's next herald. But there may be another solution.

While your mortal standard can bargain for the job of serving Galactus, getting the power in return… Thor tends to take what he needs when he needs it. So fans considered that Thor could take away the cosmic power of Galactus.

Marvel's Thor # 1 will hit US newsstands in January 2020.

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