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Tom Cruise wants to turn franchise into movies for bigger

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After Jack Reacher: No Return, 2016, it looks like Tom Cruise will no longer return to the franchise. However, that could change from a statement.

The star’s new partner, Christopher McQuarrie, revealed that the duo had plans to make Jack Reacher 3. Not only that, completely change the franchise.

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The duo, who works on Mission Impossible films, wanted to make films for adults with Jack Reacher.

The inspiration comes from Deadpool and Joker. Tom Cruise and the filmmaker thought that the first two films did not work because they did not bring all elements of the Jack Reacher books.

“Tom Cruise and I talked, if the series had continued, to take Reacher to, in the world after Deadpool and Joker, he could have movies for adults and a franchise for adults, fueled by the brutality of books. We were ready to go into that, ”said the director.

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As is known, nothing is permanent in Hollywood. Thus, the revelation of the idea could give a new breath to the franchise.

For the first time in the franchise, Mission Impossible will use two films to tell the same story. With that, the eighth feature of the series is already confirmed.

If that didn’t happen, Mission Impossible 7 would be almost 3 hours long. The information was confirmed by director Christopher McQuarrie.

Christopher McQuarrie even runs both films. Thus, it repeats the successful partnership with Tom Cruise.

The cast will also have the names of Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy), Shea Whigham (Agent Carter) and the return of Vanessa Kirby.

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With Tom Cruise, Mission: Impossible 7 arrives in November 2021.


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