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Trans crucified, sex with gospel music and more: Check out controversies in Paradas …

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Trans crucificada, sexo com música gospel e mais: Confira polêmicas em Parada LGBT

Trans crucified, sex with gospel music and more: Check out controversy in LGBT Parade (Assembly / Observatory G)

The LGBT Parade is controversial just for its existence and is no exaggeration. Even present since 1997, still today, it is the subject of great controversy and strong criticism, especially from traditionalist groups.

This year, Daniel Rabelo Silva (MDB), Curuçá-PA councilman, made a controversial statement on social networks about the LGBT Parade held in the region last Sunday (8). ”It's the end of the world! Their immorality should be between four walls, ”he published.

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Another criticism that usually permeates the event is about the value intended for the party. However, the return is undeniable, as many people, including tourists, come here to enjoy the attraction. That is, there are expenses, but there is a lot of revenue.

In this sense, speaking of explosive controversies, remember some that had more repercussions in LGBT Parades.

Excerpt from the Bible

The 15th Sao Paulo LGBT Pride Parade caused controversy in 2011 by choosing a biblical excerpt as its theme. For those who do not know, every parade brings a central theme relevant to the LGBT community. In 2011, the theme “Love one another: enough of homophobia!” Has caused the wrath of many religious.

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Sex with Gospel music

An LGBT Parade held in Acre, also in 2011, caused controversy after a sex simulation to the tune of Régis Danese's song “Do a Miracle in Me”. At the time, one of the event's sponsors abhorred the practice.

“The detail kills the whole. I will defend the whole and I will condemn irresponsibility. The coordination of the event should have removed both protesters. There are rules of coexistence in society. What they did is disgusting and became a gunshot to the movement. ”

Quarrel with deputies and protest in the chamber

The organization of the Sao Paulo LGBT Parade in 2015 denounced MP Catholic and Evangelical federal deputies who, on June 10, took to the Chamber of Deputies and shared on the internet montages with alleged photos of the 19th LGBT Parade. According to activists, the records were from other events. The deputies made a protest in the plenary of the House holding banners and asking for 'respect' with alleged images of the Pride Parade in their hands.

Trans crucified

Actress Viviany Beleboni, who is transsexual, was crucified during the 19th Gay Parade of São Paulo in 2015. According to the girl, who brought blood on her body, the representation was a way to show how homophobia inserted in society is cruel with the LGBT.


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