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Triples Unicamp's number of trans candidates for college entrance exam 2020

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Visibilidade Trans

Trans Visibility (Photo: reproduction)

Gradually progress in the discussion of gender and sexuality has taken up space in Brazilian educational institutions. For example, in Unicamp's entrance exam for 2020, the number of trans candidates has tripled.

According to the entrance exam organizing committee, Comvest, about 33 people declared transsexuals registered in the entrance exam. This is three times the number of candidates enrolled in 2016 when the policy was employed at the university.

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The new standard allows transgender people not to be embarrassed at the time of the test, for example: signing the attendance list with their social name or even using the restroom with the identifiable sex.

“Our orientation to all candidates for the entrance exam is that no one is embarrassed in any way. We know that people are already tense and anxious about the race, ”Comvest director José Alves de Freitas Neto said in an interview with the portal. G1.

He added: "So we do all the work we can to give peace of mind to all candidates, with all their needs and particularities."

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In time, the university currently has 22 transgender students enrolled in its educational grade. Unicamp joins the name since 2012. In order to make use of the law, students must communicate to the university office.

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