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Twilight: See why Renesmee's scary doll can be haunted

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Twilight: See why Renesmee's scary doll can be haunted

The doll that appeared as Edward and Bella's daughter in Twilight is haunted. This is the finding of tourists who observe it in Fork, in the United States.

The legend, however, is not new. The doll that came to represent the Renesmee character in Twilight was known as “Chucksmee” on the set, making reference to the murderous doll.

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Because she was described as a very beautiful child, the producers decided to have a baby robot to be Renesmee in her first appearances. Backstage scenes even went viral because the doll looked scary.

The director of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and 2, Bill Condon, was startled by the movements of this baby robot. Even so, a digital child was created in some scenes of the film.

Even so, the Renesmee doll became famous. She is currently in the Twilight collection in the state of Washington.

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The fact, as Jezebel reports, is that visitors to the place guarantee that Bella and Edward's daughter has something very wrong.

The doll is the part of the collection that draws the most attention. The website claims that it moves people so much that it had to be placed inside a panel in order for people to stop touching it.

A tourist went so far as to say that she was haunted by Renesmee on the visit. However, the most curious fact is that the doll's socks are dirty.

Visitors say they are dirty "as if she were walking outside the building". The fact is curious, since the doll is always on display.

In addition, Renesmee would change positions frequently and workers in the collection ensure that the objects around her tend to move on their own.

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For some, the exhibition uses this legend as good marketing. However, others think there is really something frightening about the doll.

Twilight returns in 2020 with the book Midnight Sun. The publication will feature Edward Cullen telling the saga from his perspective.

Midnight Sun arrives on August 4th.


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