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Unable to profit from shows, Anitta makes a bill posing in panties and bra

by ace
Unable to profit from shows, Anitta makes a bill posing in panties and bra

Carioca singer Anitta (PHOTO: Reproduction)

In times of crisis in the concert segment, Anitta and her team happily continue to make money from advertising. The funkeira, who is considered one of the biggest advertising phenomena in recent years, used her Instagram to make lingerie brand publiposts this Wednesday (18th).

The singer posted four sexy clicks wearing white lingerie from a famous underwear brand. Following the orders of Conar, the singer captioned in the post that these photos are a #ad – which is the abbreviation for advertising. "My looks of the day have been like this all week," he said.

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In the past few days, the singer had been in the news for respecting WHO guidelines, deciding to cancel her birthday party due to the pandemic. In an innovative way, while many of her colleagues have been focusing on virtual shows, in these quarantine times, the singer decided to give that little hand to some freelance professionals who may have their services and products promoted by the singer.

Check the ad clicks below:

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At the beginning of the week, an internet user even pointed out that Anitta was not taking a position on the coronavirus because the cause does not bring profits to the artist. Anitta decided to reply that she had not commented on the topic because she is not a doctor and that people should care about what is relevant in this difficult time.

“Honey, just the fact that I didn't post anything already makes the person understand the priority message about what to worry about and occupy now. I'm not a doctor or an infectious disease. So, I don't feel ready to give instruction to the people. Any information I can give I will have searched the internet. That everyone can do. The same 4.5G that carries my Instagram carries research about the virus from professionals who really understand it, ”replied the funkeira.


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