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We explain the surprising end of Season 2 of You

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We explain the surprising end of Season 2 of You

Caution! Season 2 Spoilers of You from Netflix.

The new season of You arrived on Netflix this week and the new episodes are already shocking fans around the world.

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In 10 episodes, You Presented Love, the new romantic interest of the complicated Joe.

Despite moving to Los Angeles looking for a fresh start, Joe certainly went back to the beginning of season 2 of You. Express explained the ending of You in an article.

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The big shock of the new season of You came through Love. Delilah, Joe's neighbor, was eventually captured by the protagonist after discovering his dark secrets.

Joe intended to release Delilah in 16 hours, but was surprised to find her mutilated body in his cell. Not knowing what had happened, Joe suspects that he himself committed the crime.

But you shockingly reveal that Delilah's killer is actually Love herself, who turns out to be pregnant with Joe – which prevents him from killing her.

In the end, Joe moves with Love so they can raise their child together. Even so, the series indicates that Joe has not yet abandoned his murderous tendencies, as in the last scene he watches his neighbor bizarrely.

We explain the surprising end of Season 2 of You

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Candance can almost succeed in her plan in Season 2 of You.

She manages to expose Joe's secrets to Love and Forty, but in the end, she didn't expect Love's betrayal, which stabs her after finding out about Joe's murders.

Still, Candance can convince Love's brother Forty about Joe's real identity.

Forty is another who dies tragically. After confessing that Love did indeed kill those who attacked him in his childhood, Forty tries to kill Joe to protect Love. In the end, he ends up killed by Fincher, a policeman who saves Joe and Love – he doesn't know about the crimes they committed.

Another suffering character is poor Ellie, who looks for her sister Delilah until the end of You. But in the end the character gets a chance to start over, as Joe gives her enough money to move to her. Florida

You have reached the end of your Season 2 by delivering a perfect psychopathic couple to Joe and Love, surprising everyone who thought Love would be just a victim at the protagonist's hands.

Season 2 of You is available on Netflix.

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