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What may be behind the Fortnite snowstorms

by ace

Image: Reproduction

This afternoon Thursday (26), Fortnite players were surprised by a blizzard that hits the game island every 3 minutes and leaves players' visibility completely compromised.

What is making the players more confused is that Epic Games did not mention anything about the weather conditions in the update notes, which was released last Wednesday (24).

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However, some players found in the Week 8 upload image that a computer screen next to the character's head shows a picture of a weather report indicating changes in the climate of the Battle Royale island.

As it suggests, this blizzard that hits the game map of Epic Games may be completely related to the story of Season 1 of Chapter 2 of the game.

In the coming weeks, players will be able to expect more news about what this snowstorm really is about, as at the moment nothing more interesting is happening on the island.

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Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android.

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