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What to expect from You Season 3

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What to expect from You Season 3

Attention! Contains important spoilers of Season 2 of You.

You, the Netlix series that follows the story of a psychopath lived by Penn Badgley, won their second season last week and have dominated social conversations ever since.

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The production follows the story of Joe, a psychopath who becomes obsessed and performs the most terrible acts to maintain control over his "loves."

With the success of You's second season, fans want to know: will Netflix renew the series for a third year?

Learn all about the possibility below!

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Netflix has not yet officially announced You Season 3. The series is one of the most watched on the platform, and has dominated Twitter's most talked-about subjects for at least 3 days after the release of its second season.

But ultimately, it's the audience numbers that will define whether the show will be renewed or not. Normally, Netflix waits 3 to 6 weeks after a series of episodes has been released to reveal the fate of a series.

If Netflix decides to renew You for Season 3, the official announcement must be made by January 2020.

And if the series is truly renewed, Season 3's premiere is expected to take place in late 2020. The two seasons already released from You arrived on Netflix in December.

What to expect from You Season 3

The second season of You ends with an impressive turnaround. Candace manages to arrest Joe along with Delilah's body. That's where the psychopath's ex-girlfriend is killed by Love, who also reveals to be an experienced killer.

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The dynamics of power change, and Joe becomes submissive to the wishes of Love, who also reveals to be pregnant.

The third season of You Must Explore Joe's life as a parent, and the mysterious neighbor introduced in the last episode should play a very important role.

Season 2 of You is now available on Netflix.

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