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Whitney Houston lost 11 teeth due to drug abuse

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Whitney Houston lost 11 teeth due to drug abuse

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American singer Whitney Houston (PHOTO: Reproduction)

Whitney Houston was known for her luminous beauty and her legendary voice, captivating the audience with her striking presence. But by the time of his death in 2012, after spending years abusing drugs, these substances had destroyed Whitney's voice and body.

When his body was found face down in the bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles on February 11, 2012, his body was covered in scars, wounds and marks.

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Whitney Houston lost 11 teeth because of drugs

According to the autopsy report of the bodyguard star, she had heart disease so advanced that an artery was 60% blocked.

Whitney had spent the week in Los Angeles because of the Grammy, but had raised concerns the night before with his irregular behavior, disheveled appearance and careless clothing.

A few hours before her death, she told her assistant that she had a sore throat and that she was going to bathe before Clive Davis' trendy pre-Grammy party.

But at 3:35 pm, her assistant found Whitney lifeless in a hot tub of hot water that experts said could have reached 66 ° C when she died.

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Strips of skin were burned on the back, according to the autopsy report, causing ‘skin exfoliation’ on the legs. A needle mark was seen on his left inner elbow, along with ‘the contours of the bilateral breast prosthesis’ and scars from the breast implants.

Strangely, a wig was sewn on his existing hair, which was in good condition. His eyebrows were "sparse", observed the coroner, but his hair was still full, black and wavy, without "baldness".

His teeth, however, were in poor condition, with 11 of his foreheads missing, allegedly lost during the crack and cocaine marathons.

Tina Brown, the sister of Whitney's ex-husband Bobby Brown, claimed that Whitney pulled his teeth out at parties that lasted for days. "She loses them at home when she is on drugs," she said in 2006. "They cost $ 6,000 and the dentist must send FedEx a new set," he added at the time.

Whitney hid his terrible dental problems using a "dental jaw prosthesis," according to the report. His official cause of death was given as accidental drowning, contributed by heart disease and cocaine use.


In August, DJ and producer Kygo released the video for “Higher Love”, with posthumous vocals by Whitney Houston. With a nostalgic footprint, the video presents the makeup, clothes and hair characteristic of the 80s, in reference to the time of great success in Houston, and brings with the participation of the actress of the series Riverdale, Vanessa Morgan.

Directed by the prestigious Hanna Lux Davis (from Ariana Grande's last clips), the clip brings a special charm of the time, mixed with the contemporary elements of the track.

The highlight is due to an impeccable choreography that refers to the gymnastics and dance classes of the 80s.

Since its launch, “Higher Love” has accumulated over 87 million streams on Spotify, was on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and reached # 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart.

“Higher Love” is a cover of Steve Winwood's classic, released in 1986, which celebrated its 33rd anniversary on June 20. Whitney Houston representatives presented Kygo with the archive of Whitney's recording, which had been released as a bonus track on the physical album I'm Your Baby Tonight in 1990 in Japan. As soon as he heard Whitney's track, Kygo ran to the studio, flattered to have the opportunity to produce a song with one of the greatest singers of all time.

"Higher Love" was written by Steve Winwood, Will Jennings and produced by Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll and Narada Michael Walden.

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