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With 13 Reasons Why returning, Council of Parents asks "responsibility" to …

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With 13 Reasons Why returning, Council of Parents asks "responsibility" to ...

13 Reasons Why (Source: Reproduction)

With a new season of 13 Reasons Why coming on Netflix, it's clear that the controversy surrounding the series would return. The Parents Television Council asked the streaming service to remove the series from the teen category in its catalog.

The organization made the announcements just a few days before Netflix's next shareholders' meeting, which takes place on Thursday (4). The final season of 13 Reasons Why debuts this Friday (5).

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Tim Winter, the organization's president, said in a statement sent to Deseret News:

“You cannot simultaneously say 13 Reasons Why is aimed at young viewers while classifying the program as appropriate only for mature audiences. It is not possible to simultaneously normalize the use of narcotics for children while avoiding representations of tobacco products for children. And you can't apply a PG-13 or TV-14 rating to programming that, by the industry's own guidelines, requires an R or TV-MA for explicit dialogue. ”

"We asked Netflix to immediately remove 13 Reasons Why from the teen programming category," he continued. "While Netflix is ​​working to increase its dominance in the video streaming market, the company must act with greater corporate responsibility, especially for the millions of families who are customers."

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“We call on Netflix's leadership to do the right thing. And if they don't, we ask Netflix shareholders to hold the company responsible for this grossly irresponsible behavior, ”concluded Winter.

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