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‘Wrong close’? Diego Hypólito to Paulo Gustavo: See controversial attitudes …

by ace
Diego Hypólito, Bolsonaro, CARLINHOS mAIA

Diego Hypólito with Bolsonaro, Carlinhos Maia and Aguinaldo Silva (Reproduction)

Human beings, regardless of sexual orientation, cannot disassociate themselves from the famous gaffes, of course, we are imperfect. But when it comes to a public person, the problem takes on an astronomical proportion.

The year 2019 was wonderful for some, terrible for others and contradictory for some. Within the LGBT community, an immeasurable deception was cause for celebration: The Criminalization of LGBT phobia, for example. By contrast, investments with an emphasis on public policies to combat HIV are scarce.

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However, beyond the political scene, some LGBT attitudes have caused controversy and divided opinions. Diego Hypólito posing alongside Bolsonaro, who is reportedly against LGBT-only guidelines, was one of them.

Fernanda Gentil positioning herself was another. Miley Cyrus, Carlinhos Maia, Britto Junior, Nego Borel, Nicole Bahls, Anitta, Aguinaldo Silva among other names as well.

Diego Hypólito with Bolsonaro and Michelle


The athlete It eventually sparked controversy after posing with President Bolsonaro and First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

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Miley Cyrus

Considered a super-acclaimed pop diva, Miley shared opinions after commenting, "You don't have to be gay." After that, he apologized and said it was a mistake.

Carlinhos Maia

There are countless controversies. Even the term 'canceled' was used for him. The famous, this year, caused by not wanting to kiss the partner in marriage to, according to him, respect the audience present.

Britto Junior

He is not LGBT, but it has caused the anger of many after comments considered homophobic. The presenter even stated that he suffers heterophobia, emphasizing that heteros turned minority.


Bisexual assumed, the powerful caused at the time of the election, by not wanting to stand against candidate Bolsonaro. Moreover, this year, he shared opinions after defending on stage Nego do Borel, accused of transphobia.

Aguinaldo Silva

The writer sparked an explosive controversy after defending Damares earlier in the year: “They sold Minister Damares as a kind of 'Shi'ite maluquete'; and yesterday she proved that it is actually something else. A conservative woman, yes. But sensible, convinced of what she says, very prepared and willing to strengthen the bonds in the mater cell of society that is: the family, ”said Aguinaldo.

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little grandson

The singer calls himself a conservative bisexual, and eventually sparked controversy after emphasizing that data on LGBT killings are distorted to attack right-wing groups.

Fernanda Gentil

Fernanda Gentil has angered many people after saying, in a way, that she respects certain positions. “I respect anyone who thinks it's a crime to have a gay kiss. Now, it won't hit the kisser, you know? (Respect) Who, unfortunately, is racist. Now, will you discriminate, beat, kill why is it of another color? Not there, ”said the host, who immediately apologized and pointed out that it was not well interpreted.

Borel's nego

The singer was called a transphobic for calling Luisa Marilac a man after she praised him. After the obstacle, the famous position emphasized that it is not homophobic.

Nicole Bahls

The model shared opinions after saying she does not agree with gay men kissing on TV. After the case had negative repercussions, Nicole pointed out that she "loves gays".

Val Marchiori

Without much modesty, Val stated that many consider her the Queen of gays. The problem is that several gay men did not agree with the title, since the famous one is Bolsonaro's voter.


Today she is a very important name in the Brazilian music scene. But it ended up causing a commotion after saying, in the High Hours, that "it did not assume its sexual orientation, but its relationship".

Paulo Gustavo

The humorist shared opinions after the alleged cut of the gay kiss scene during the wedding of Juliano (Rodrigo Pandolfo) and Thiago (Lucas Cordeiro) in the movie. My Mother Is a Piece 3. However, Paul later stated that the scene never existed.


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