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Zé Neto and Cristiano reveal to have received death threats in honor of …

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The duo Zé Neto and Cristiano (PHOTO: Reproduction)

The political opinion of celebrities and personalities is something that continues to be discussed in bar wheels at dinner tables. And in the face of a recent stance, back country singers Zé Neto and Cristiano shared an uncomfortable situation experienced by them over the last presidential elections.

In long interview given to UOL's Leo Dias Blog, they lamented the fact that they received death threats after paying tribute to current President Jair Bolsonaro: cheer for football team. Wow, that's very boring, ”says Cristiano. “It was something that made us pretty bad. Seeing people's hatred, you know, ”says Zé Neto.

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Zé Neto and Cristiano are awarded and dedicate victory to Bolsonaro

“Bolsonaro is a private friend of ours, and that day, when we won, we sent videos like that to a lot of people. We were very euphoric. Who sent a message congratulating us, we answered. And he (Bolsonaro) sent a message congratulating us, and we also sent the video. Only he was Bolsonaro and he posted. It wasn't us. We never posted anything about politics, ”said Zé Neto explaining why he dedicated the award to the current president of the Republic.

“The internet today sucks. You can't say anything else, you can't do anything. I often say that today there are many judges and few lawyers, few people with love in their hearts to understand. No one goes in his favor, ”added the musician, who recalls recent controversial facts involving names like Rust and MC Gui, for example:“ They are just waiting for a rat, just like the Rust issue. Not that he was right. And also from MC Gui. I think they were unhappy in situations, but people crucify. They act like the guy's career is over. They can't see anything good he did. ”

Cristiano even states that he agrees with the conception of his partner on stage, and reveals that the controversial case of bullying practiced by Gui made him have a personal reflection. “I was asked if I would forgive (MC) Gui. Who am I to not forgive a person? ”Explains the musician, claiming to believe in the lack of self-love of countless haters on duty for practicing free hatred.

Zé Neto and Cristiano released on Thursday (19th), the newest DVD clip for More Kisses Live. In "Self-Help Kiss," musicians try to forget a love of the past, but they can't kiss other mouths without remembering.


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